Last blog post…

Some of you may or may not have known this but I’ve blogged for 365 consecutive days! This is also my 700th post.  I opened this blog on September 2nd 2009,  I’ve blogged everyday since October 20th 2009. I’m keeping this site up for reference purposes and for sentimental reasons, but I’m opening a new blog, it’ll be a while before it’s all ready, but it’s a new project. This is post Number 700!

Thanks everyone for checking out my blog, HAPPY HALLOWEEN.


Music Post

Some of the last songs I’ll be able to recommend :/

  Angry Amputees

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Flu Shot

I’m getting a stupid Flu Shot in a half hour, but they never help so their pointless. I also hate that the appointment is so damn late (6:30). It;s not really that late, but I didn’t want to spend my whole night at the clinic.

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Stupid Capri Sun commercials! They make it seem so easy to pop a damn juice pouch, but it’s actually nearly impossible! I damn near tried everything, so now what I did is I blew it up and taped the hole shut with a lot of duct tape, then I’ll find something really heavy and drop it on it. I hope it works.

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Luigi’s Manson!

Luigi’s Manson, a kind of old game, takes place in a mansion, overrun by ghosts and tons of paranormal entity’s. Luigi won this manson in a contest he never even entered, and now he must help find Mario and save him with the help of Toad and Professor E. Gadd. It’s a very cool game and although the music gets annoying, and Luigi yelling Mario is painstaking, the game is incredibly fun.

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Almost 365 days of consecutive blogging, I’m gunna have to make a new blog soon… I’ll continue posting until Thursday, then I’m done.

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Last blog post tomorrow?

Unless someone tells me otherwise tomorrow will be the last day of blogging on here. It would have been 360 consecutive  days of blog posting. Pretty cool, huh? Not really, kind of lame.

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