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Married… With Children

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Have you ever seen, “Married… With Children?” If not I guess you could almost compare it to the simpsons only older, not a cartoon, and 11 seasons instead of 20… but regardless it’s still GREAT(and better in my opinion)!  I also find it kind of cool that one of my all time favorite shows is Futurama.  Turanga Leela from Futurama is voice acted by Katey Segal who is also Peggy Bundy in, “Married… With Children.” It’s also somewhat interesting that a huge reason the show stayed on air is because the people protesting to get it off the air were watching it, thus gaining more views for the fox network and staying on air. Thank you protesters.


 Here are my favorite clips on youtube.

The theme song was actually originally written for the 50’s movie called, “Our Town,” and was performed by Frank Sinatra.



This may quite possible be one of very few posts in the next ten days. My internet is about to be disconnected.


New Sentence

“Zombieland,” looks like a great movie.

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Music (My digital story)

The reason Im posting this on my wordpress as well is because I was hoping that I might get some comments… otherwise- yeah thats the only reason.

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George W. Busch- REDNECK!

I was watching T.V. last night, and it just hit me that George Busch is so much like Ed Bundy from, “Married… With Children.” Ed was saying how women and shoes go together like… guns and beer! I could just picture Busch saying that at a conference or meeting.

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New Sentence (I hope I get this one right)

I finished my digital story yesterday.

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New sentence

I like eating pepperoni pizza. That’s why I decided to eat a slice of pepperoni pizza for breakfast.

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I was wrong…

In my hypothesis I said, “If I lift a 8 lb. dumbbell I will be able to lift more, more easier using my extensor muscles.”Guess what?!? I was wrong for the first time ever! Apparently when you use your extensor muscles you can’t lift as much as you can when using your flexor muscles. It takes more effort lifting with your extensor muscles and I think it’s because you have more muscles in your biceps than your triceps,I think you do at least.

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