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New Years Eve.

I’m bored. I don’t  know what I’ll be doing tonight because we aren’t having a party this year.

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The Adicts

The Adicts rock!

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Today me and Joe are going to see the Admirals. It’ll be sweet. I’m going to buy more Dippin’ Dots!

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Today me and my dad were listening to a lot of cool music. We were going threw his records hoping to find a few missing ones (cheech and chong – Santa and his old lady/Dave’s not here) and I came across one record that I really like. It was George Baker- Little Green Bag. I had no idea my dad liked that song. So we put it in and listened to it. We we finished sorting through his records we checked a box full of records from his friend (mostly crappy disco). They weren’t in there either. However, the stack had Tubular Bells (the theme to The Exorcist) and a few other songs. The box had the 45 of Don’t Rock The Boat, and Lovin’ You. I never heard Lovin You before, but I never, ever, want to hear it again. Then we listened to a record I bought him for Christmas, and then we just listened to a bunch of other songs. It was pretty cool. One of the songs he has in the Jukebox is called, ” Santa Claus is Watchin’ You.” It’s a really awesome song by Ray Stevens.

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I’ve been playing a lot of games today. So far I’ve played Assassins Creed II, and Shopping Cart Hero 2. (I hate halo 3). My high-score in Shopping Cart Hero 2  is: 5,064.9 exactly. Shopping Cart Hero 2

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Charlie Sheen… arrested?

I don’t know too much about the situation. All I know is that Charlie Sheen got arrested for something. That kind of sucks. Apparently (what I head, I could be wrong) he beat his wife and was charged $8,500. However I read online that his wife had confessed that she was drunk when she called 911.  I just want to know, if Charlie Sheen goes to jail, what will happen to Two and a Half Men?

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Merry Christmas!

It’s Christmas today! I have to go to my grandpa’s house because every year we have a beef roast and talk to a bunch of relatives. I got some pretty sweet presents. I got a Metallica shirt, some shoes, a comic, a Nirvana album (the vinyl 20th anniversary album I mentioned in previous posts), and a new record player! The record player is even portable! The album is the limited edition 20th anniversary, white vinyl. It came with a 16 page booklet, full page colored and black and white photos, and live recordings! I was very disappointed when I noticed the album had a few scratches and was slightly(but noticeably) warped. However the albums  sound great.  My brother got a 360.

I told him (half jokingly) that it probably doesn’t work, and that I bet he’d connect it and it’ll have the red-ring of death. Guess what, it did. The 360 power button had a red ring flashing around it, AKA: the red ring of death. He took it back and got a new, new, one for 40 dollars more. Although I hate the 360 and prefer Sony products, I play Assassins Creed II on it quite a bit. Halo 3 sucks(Now I can officially say it)!

My mom liked her gift, and my dad like his gift, however my dads real gift is still in the mail. I got him a 45 he wanted for his Jukebox. It was hard to find on Ebay too.

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