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The distillers

I was listening punk rock bands I like, and the band the Distillers is awesome. This is one of my favorite songs by them that doesn’t swear.  The Hunger. (the post is pink because it shows up best) (I’m working on fixing the background and font later)

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I’m finishing up Jason’s button. I’ve finished a few other buttons. Cody F. is going to have to wait, because his button is nearly impossible to make.

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Lost: The Package

Lost: Final Season

Episode: The Package

OK, a lot happened in this episode! It explained why Sayid found Jin in the one storage room after killing the gangsters/hitmen. Apparently Suns’ father had hired a guy to kill Jin for knocking up his daughter. Anyway, Sayid refused to get Jin out of the chair he was duct taped to, instead he placed a razor in his hand so he can cut himself free; which I found weird, why not just cut him free? Anyway, sun got knocked on the head by John(in present time) and lost her ability to speak English. Jin was also kidnapped or whatever, by Widmore’s bunch and right before it ended Sayid swam up to the end of a pier were he saw some thugs through Desmond(yeah, he’s back) to the floor, then pull him away.  It was awesome!

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If you dont know

About 20 days ago I got my electro-acoustic guitar. It was free, I won it, never paid a penny. It’s valued at $500, it’s amazing. If I didn’t put so much time into the contest I would have never had a guitar like this. It’s got a built in tuner, a sound board, and can be plugged into an amp. It’s still a lot hard to play than my electric guitar, but I recorded some songs I’m learning and I’ll post them here on the weekend(probably). It’s a Greg Bennett designed, Samick, D5 Ce, Electro-acoustic! I just think it’s funny that nobody believed me when I said I one it, when I post the video then you can see for yourself.

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Best Bands

Made this poll of my favorite bands yesterday. I’m sure I forgot a few.

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I hate Spiderman. He was cool until they decided to make Toby McGuire Spiderman in the new movies.  I mean, what the Crap! The Ramones did a song called Spiderman, about Spiderman. Spiderman was awesome, but why Toby McGuire? They coulda’ have got like Thomas Jane, or Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Toby McGuire completely ruined the image of Spiderman.

Well anyway, this was back when Spiderman was cool.

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