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Best movie ever?

I think this would be the best movie ever… I think the Terminator would win, but robocop is still pretty cool.

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I wish I have 30 more bucks

I need a distortion pedal, it’s 45 bucks, I need like 30 more. I’ll take donations 😛

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Simcity 3000 unlimited

I have it and it’s waaay better than the stupid original. You can see the towers/buildings and it’s much more simple.


I’m confused….. Jesus was Isrelian, but he spoke English and looked like he was white…. I don’t get it.

“Let my people go!”- Moses.

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Planet Walk

The purpose of the planet walk at Airport park was to get a better understanding of the size of the planets and solar system in contrast to things on our planet, with accurate sizes in walkable distances. Our sun was 8 inches in diameter, and we used a volleyball. Jupiter, the biggest planet, was a marble roughly 3/4 an inch, and Saturn was a ball from a broken computer mouse that measured about .7 an inch. The 2 biggest planets were represented with small objects, so the small planets were really small. We measured the distance by making one step equal about a foot, and counted off our steps, the distance between planets was measured in feet. The size of the planets were really small, because in order to keep from running out of room, we had to make a realistic scale, that would be about 8 inches. But still, with the small planets, we nearly ran out of room. I thought it was interesting to see how far each “planet” was from each other and it really gave me a sense of the size of our solar system. I think that the planets were all good sizes and were measured accurately, but if we did it again, I think we’d have to find a new way to measure distance between planets.

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I was playing softball with my brother yesterday, then I hit a pop up, and it went really, really high in the air right into our neighbors patio table. It hit the little umbrella holder thing in the center and I swear, there wasn’t a piece bigger than about 1 inch. It was awesome, but I had to clean it up and then me, my dad, and my brother told our neighbor. It was crazy! Anyway, good news, Dave Mesick bought the Milwaukee Forge, instead of the company NOG, meaning my dad gets to keep his job. DM acquisitions now owns the Forge. Mesick used to be the President of the Forge, now he owns it. I still hope my dad gets the job at General Mills, then we’d get free cereal!

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I Ain’t got no how watchyamacallit


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