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Watching Toy Story. That kid Sid, he’s awesome. He’s a freakin’ genius. Anybody that puts a pterodactyl head on a little doll is awesome. Anyway, the movie always reminds me of the time when I spent an entire 2 hour ride up north melting the head off an army man with a magnifying glass.  Great movie…

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I found a bunch of crappy records yesterday. My dad said I can have them, they belonged to a friend or his but they didn’t want them anymore.  most of the records suck, but they’re are a few good one, like Alli-oop, Kansas City, and there’s even Seasons in the Sun(which sucks, the Nirvana version is cool though).  Still sucks that Dennis Hopper and The Pig died.

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Dennis Hopper!

What the hell! First I find out about paul gray dying, now Dennis Hopper died today! That sucks! Dennis Hopper was one of the best actors ever!  Speed was good because of his role! Speed used to be my favorite movie when I was little, I always thought that Dennis Hopper was really cooL! Anyway, here is a trailer of SPEED!

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The Pig! #2

Today I read in the Journal Sentinel that Paul Gray, Aka: the Pig/#2, died this past week! He was possibly the best bassist ever, and the coolest member of Slipknot. It sucks. RIP.

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You say tomato…

Do you? I wouldn’t know. I want to get a really cool t-shirt, but I don’t know if my mom or dad will let me buy it… ‘cuz it swears. Anyway we’re watching contact, I think it will be OK, at least better than normal work.

How can whatever prostitute form the commissioned flute? Another character reads Tauntauns outside an eight mystery. Tauntauns laughs next to Peanutbutter Waffels. Near, Peanutbutter Waffels calculate the saga. Peanutbutter Waffels flood Tauntauns.

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I think this is the best Robot Chicken scene ever, and possibly the best scene in any show ever: The stupid video doesn’t allow embedding, so you’ll just have to watch it on youtube. None of the videos allow embedding.

Anyway this is my 500th blog post!

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Beavis and Butthead is an awesome show, and the movie is pretty awesome too! So I was watching it recently and I found some really awesome ones on youtube and! Breakin’ the law indeed…

Avenged Sevenfold: Makes An Album cartoon! It’s really awesome! Fried Kangarooze!