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Today I got my distortion pedal! It’s even better than I expected! I can adjust the volume, the distortion levels, the pitch and frequency, and it sounds great. I might upload a video or two.

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Crazy suicidal Blue Jays!

I was mowing the lawn today… AGAIN, and about 4 Blue Jays and 3 sparrows started flying around the lawn mower, a few started like they were going to attack me, I had to move out of the way! Their crazy! One of them bumped up against the front of the mower! Do they want to die!? WTF!? Anyway, I saw a pretty good movie today; it’s called Hackers. It’s kind of old, but its about a genius kid that hacks into restricted servers and networks with his friends, and they all have these really stupid, gay, dumb hacker code name things.  Then there’s a bunch of stuff you know cant happen, like these really big, oversized computers are the laptops, and the screen is like 6×3 in. and every image is like 300 by 450 pixels, but then when they hack into the mainframes and enter the database and all that it’s like 3d, with flawless textures and even cleaner looking than doom 3’s texture mapping. That’s how it doesn’t make since. Then if they message each other they somehow knew the command prompts to change fonts, and colors, which is incredibly strange for a 1995 computer. I’d still give it 3 stars.

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Movie Makage!

Movie Makage!

Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time on writing the scripts, musical scores, and scenes for the movie I’m working on. I’m pretty much still nowhere with it. If you wanna help me by acting, editing, making props, buying props/blood, etc. LET ME KNOW! Its be great to get some more help.

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Evil Dead II: Dead By Dawn

Im serious!  This is probably the 4th best movie ever made! How many people get a zombie hand trying to kill them, cut off their own hand, and have a chainsaw in  for a hand? I think my favorite scene would definitely be the laughing deer head, where a mounted deer head twists it neck, cocks it;s head, opens it’s eyes, and starts laughing! The the furniture comes to life and starts laughing too, then Ash starts laughing! Its great!!

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A&W Closing!!!

A&W Is a great restaurant, almost as good as Night Owl! But now the restaurant I’ve been going to since I was 5, is closing! I don’t really know whats going on, but the building is for sale, and I think that sucks. Who knows maybe they still sell burgers there… First the Purple House then Game Crazy then A&W… Whats Next???

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Friday stuff

My brother bought a game a while ago, but the seller is all the way in Canada so it took about 1 and 1/2 weeks to get it. He bought Battlefield: Bad Company (the first one).  About 20 bucks! Its pretty fun, I bet Ill beat it in less than a week though because its too easy. If you die you just spawn back by your team for an infinite amount of times or until you kill all the enemies.

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Bruce Cambell: Evil dead and Burn Notice… and the laughing deer from Evild Dead 2!

Bruce Campbell is one of the best actors ever! His career took off after his role as Ashley “Ash” Williams in the Evil Dead Trilogy. The first two were the best. They were considered B-class movies, and along with Halloween, few b-movies become successful, since their made on an extremely low budget. The first wasn’t very scary, but it was made well enough to score a 2nd movie with the profit money, it told the story of Ash Williams, and the death of his friends after stumbling upon the Necronomicon (book of the dead) during a weekend vacation to the cabins . The book brings evil spirits to earth possessing human souls and taking over their bodies. Many scenes are shot as the spirit where victims look at the camera/evil in horror running through the woods. The 2nd was great, it was kind of scary and had gore and great effects, as well as the very famous scene were his hand went “bad,” it became a zombie and tried to kill him. So Ash then had to ” Lock it off at the wrist” by cutting it off with the chainsaw. Using a spell the chainsaw was bound to his hand with the Necronomicon. The 3rd was directed by both Raimi and actor Campbell, and he felt it needed comedy, so instead of the horror movie it was meant to be it became a comedy, b-horror movie, medieval adventure thing. It was great,  but a disappointment to many fans.


3 games were made after the movies: Hail to the King, Fistful of Boomstick, and Regeneration. The order of the games caused a lot of confusion because of time lapses/warps. Hail to the king followed all 3 movies, but It’d say its the 3rd game in the time-line(even though it was made first).  FoBS was the first in the timeline (without a doubt). Regeneration was the 2nd. Depending on were you place Hail to the King.

I have  FoBS. Its fun if your a die hard fan of the  series, or like classic slice and dice games, or just like horror. But the texture mappings suck, the dialog sucks, the story sucks, the zombies are the same 5 zombies, the missions suck, the interactive talk sequences SUCK, the bosses have the same weakness and look the same, the weapons kind of suck and it REALLY SUCKS that you have to do everything the hard way (like if there’s a little gate, you cant cut it with your chainsaw, cuz 1 inch thick plywood is too much to take!)! So you need to open a gate for a damsel in distress, right? You open it for the skinny reporter, and it gets jammed, even though there’s about 2 feet of space she insists you go down to the museum basement,  that’s where gargoyles and saber tooth tiger zombies are waiting for you, to cut the power.  Then she calls you stupid! It’s an annoying game, but worth a few bucks, I got it for 5. Bruce Campbell reprises his role as Ash, so no need to worry about bad voice actors. Ash has a kind of hunchback, as pointed out by Bruce, and he runs really slow, he can’t jump or run or sprint either. And in the intro, before the outbreak he’s at a bar getting wasted, and he’s in his ripped jeans and torn shirt, with his stub arm and double barrel on his back. Why?  Because he’s bad ass. The taunts/insults are funny though, and ‘d say it’s enough reason to get the game, if you are a fan. Some quotes I remember are: Thank you for shopping at ass whoppin’s ‘r’ us, come back anytime, and, Ever read A Farewell to Arms? I Wrote it! It has an arcade mode, were you can kill off about 30 zombies in a time limit with different variables and situations for a Grade/rating; and it has a Bruce Campbell interview/bonus video of the making of FoBS.

Lately I’ve been watching Burn Notice, because I got it on my iPod free. It’s a great show, Bruce Campbell also plays in it (that’s what inspired my to play Evil Dead again). Michael a former CIA agent gives advice to being a spy, in one particular scene he shoots a drug dealer in the leg though a wall and stealthy breaks in the house through the back and threatens to kill him if he doesn’t relocate.

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