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Guitar Hero sucks!

I stand by my decision that Guitar Hero sucks and I’ll never waste any of my hours playing it.  It’s a childish game for 5 year olds, and I have many 5 year old cousins that play it, I feel it’s good for little kids, but once your over 8 you should grow out of it. It demystifies the songs, and takes a fun, relaxing or awesome song that you may love into a challenge of who can place a higher score. It’s not a real instrument and your not achieving anything getting a good score.  Take real lessons: Yes, guitar can actually be played! Go listen to the real songs, their not all on a plastic disc: Guitar Hero and Rock Band games are terrible, they sound like shit,  and if you only play guitar hero your not really open to new songs, so go listen to a CD or Radio, and don’t play guitar hero. It’s disappointing!

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Today was orientation, or the first day of school… It was kinda’ fun, I didn’t mind it actually. My favorite part was being able to sit by and talk to all your friends at lunch, because thats great! However it turns out I won’t get to, they split the lunch hours into: A, B, and C.  And I have B, whereas Jacob, Sara and Ashley have C. That sucks cuz then that means I might get to see Peter and thats about it… I don’t even know what he has. I’m still really nervous, but I’m sure that after about a month or 2 I’ll start to get used to it.


We were gunna film on Saturday but I don’t think we can because Sara was a main role in it cuz’ she said she wanted to be but I guess she didn’t want to tell me that she wouldn’t be able to make it so unless we get a last minute replacement we’re fucked and I give up.

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Stupid awesome simpsons messed me up. I got a really cool retro typewriter and was reenacting the shining scene, but with my name instead of Jack, but I confused the simpsons and the shining and typed 10 pages of: All work and no play makes Kyle go crazy/ Then I just found out it’s: Makes jack a dull boy. WTF… damnit.

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LAST day to live this summer…

Last day of summer. I hate this, last day of summer…. this sucks…Fuck! I don’t want to go to school, I’m not ready yet….


Typin’ stuff on my new, old, bitchin’ retro typewriter. It’s a ROYAL typewriter, and if I had to guess- 1940’s. It’s pink and weighs about 30 pounds, seriously, but it’s awesome. And… it came with an ink ribbon.

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Sex Pistols records

I got the Sex Pistols records today, all 6 of them in prestine condition, amazing really. They came in a sort of case that read: Sex Pistols Special Edition Sex! Seriously!!! Anyway, today was OK, Alex is sick and I couldn’t go swimming or anything… bummer.

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