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Thursday: Bon Fire!

Today at the bon fire it was crazy! Their were probably upwards of 400 people, crowded in a field were we were fenced in! It was really hot, and the music sucked, but it was fun! We tried making our way to the front but we couldn’t hear over the shitty music. Then we went to the fire and it was to hot so we turned back and stood in a corner for like 20 minutes just talking and switching hoodies(long story).  But it ended at 9:30, which was gay(no offense), because it was supposed to go on until after 10:30!


Pretty cool TV show: The EVENT

I know it’s been on for two weeks, but it takes more then one episode to decide if you like it, and I definitely do. It has a bit of a Lost vibe to it, although it’s not as good, and I think comparing the two is a waste of time (like comparing the Beatles to Nirvana, since their both great in their own way- for the record, I liek Nirvana more). You have to see it yourself, but basically this one dude is somehow incredibly important and the government is hiding this huge conspiracy involving aliens and paranormal entities; but he just wants to find his girlfriend is all. She was kidnapped by the Secret Service or some kind of suits. Then he’s hospitalized and the police come in and he’s in the car with these smokies but they have to turn around because the government has the area blocked off from supposed radiation which is just…. Watch it yourself!

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Nerd day sucked! It was terrible! Not many people were dressed up at all, and as Sara put it, we stuck out like a sore thumb (which is ironic cuz’ when she said it she was saying we’d stick out like a sore thumb if we didn’t dress up). Anyhow, tomorrow is stupid!

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Nerd day tomorrow

Tomorrow is nerd day at South Milwaukee, were you dress up like a nerd.I don’t really want to, but I guess it could be fun. So now I’m ready to go to school looking like a nerd tomorrow. I have nerdy glasses, I’m going to comb my hair sideways and find some nerdy clothes.

Resident Evil: Afterlife in 2D!

Today I used my movie pass to see Resident Evil: Afterlife (in 2d)! It was really good, but I felt certain momets were  cheesy, the dialog wasn’t as good as I hoped, and swears were inserted unnecessarily, EX: “Their gunna eat us the f*** alive!” Anyhow, the effects were great and the story was pretty cool.  But some scenes were unnecessarily long, like freeze frames that would drag on. If you like the previous Resident Evil movies though, you won’t be disappointed.

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Today I went to Harvestfest and I found out Skid Row is playing there tonight. I wanted to see them so badly, but I couldn’t go because my parents couldn’t drive. I also went to Halloween Express to sign up for a job but you have to be 16. This year has sucked so far, next year will be awesome. I’ll donate blood and get a job at halloween express.

The weekend- 3 days!

3 day weekend, and I’m definitely going to do something fun!

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