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Last blog post…

Some of you may or may not have known this but I’ve blogged for 365 consecutive days! This is also my 700th post.  I opened this blog on September 2nd 2009,  I’ve blogged everyday since October 20th 2009. I’m keeping this site up for reference purposes and for sentimental reasons, but I’m opening a new blog, it’ll be a while before it’s all ready, but it’s a new project. This is post Number 700!

Thanks everyone for checking out my blog, HAPPY HALLOWEEN.


Pretty cool TV show: The EVENT

I know it’s been on for two weeks, but it takes more then one episode to decide if you like it, and I definitely do. It has a bit of a Lost vibe to it, although it’s not as good, and I think comparing the two is a waste of time (like comparing the Beatles to Nirvana, since their both great in their own way- for the record, I liek Nirvana more). You have to see it yourself, but basically this one dude is somehow incredibly important and the government is hiding this huge conspiracy involving aliens and paranormal entities; but he just wants to find his girlfriend is all. She was kidnapped by the Secret Service or some kind of suits. Then he’s hospitalized and the police come in and he’s in the car with these smokies but they have to turn around because the government has the area blocked off from supposed radiation which is just…. Watch it yourself!

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Complications w/ Script and Jorge Garcia!

The title pretty much says it all. I finished my script, but now I need to resolve some issues. I like the way it turned out though! Did I ever tell you guys I’m a HUGE fan of Jorge Garcia?? I am! Check out his blog (he hasn’t blogged in a long time though). Jorge Garcia’s (Lost) Blog!

This video is before he was on Becker and before Lost.

Rumor has it he’s dating Bethany Shady, that’s Mrs. Shady’s daughter, she teaches at AE Burdick school! I was even told by Mr. Schleck that he was in Burdick school! Thats so cool, he was in our school!

Lost: The End

The final episode of Lost was great! I was a little disappointed it didn’t end all open ended, leaving the island to remain a mystery, but it was great. I was right, Hurley did become the new Jacob! The ending was amazing, everyone died! Just check it out yourself! I think a movie is still a possibility! Great episode! Oh, and Jack killed Locke, and Ben is the new Richard Alpert.

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Last episode of Lost tonight! I can’t wait to watch it! I will admit that I’m slightly disappointed, I always wanted it to end mysteriously, leaving you to make up your own ending, and leave the way it started. Instead, the island is just basically, the Garden of Eden… Anyway, Hurley is awesome, I hope he does something cool! Did you know that a teacher at Burdicks, Daughter is dating the actor that plays Hurley? Hurley would make a way better Jacob than Jack!

What to do!?!

Celebrity Apprentice ends tonight, so does Lost! I Love both shows, but I guess I better watch Lost. I hope Brett Michaels wins, and I hope Lost doesn’t suck!

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The Simpsons

The Simpsons season finale was good. It wasn’t anything better than all there other episodes though. It was funny, but it was almost as if there was nothing really hilarious about it. I liked how in the beginning Bart was writing out, ” End of ‘Lost’: It was all the dogs dream. Watch us.” The whole episode focused around Moe, and while Moe became a Judge, his bar was closed, and homer had nothing to do. Santas little helper was dressed up to look worse than the world ugliest dog, and then in the middle of the episode Lisa came up to Santa Little Helper, all sad and then the dog never was mentioned through the whole episode again. It was kind of weird.

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