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Last blog post…

Some of you may or may not have known this but I’ve blogged for 365 consecutive days! This is also my 700th post.  I opened this blog on September 2nd 2009,  I’ve blogged everyday since October 20th 2009. I’m keeping this site up for reference purposes and for sentimental reasons, but I’m opening a new blog, it’ll be a while before it’s all ready, but it’s a new project. This is post Number 700!

Thanks everyone for checking out my blog, HAPPY HALLOWEEN.


Music Post

Some of the last songs I’ll be able to recommend :/

  Angry Amputees

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Me and my dad finished setting up the Jukebox and filled it with Halloween records, the best music of the year probably. Awesome, huh?

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The Distillers

When I talk about the Distillers I’ve noticed many people don’t know who they are. I think that sucks because they were so awesome. They we’re one of the last Punk rock groups before punk sucked. Anyhow, Brody Dalle was married to Tim Armstrong of Rancid, but their was a pretty brutal divorce.

Eventually she got remarried to that dude in Queens of the Stone Age and got knocked up. Apparently, having a kid led to some major changes, and the Distillers Broke up. She formed Spinnerette with Distillers guitarist, Tony Bevilacqua. I don’t like the music as much, btu I hope hey tour in Milwaukee sometime soon, I’d love to see a live show.

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Well I got some of my songs back on iTunes, which is great, but it takes forever. I’m going to devote my entire Sunday toward getting everything back on it. Cool songs:

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Today I went to Harvestfest and I found out Skid Row is playing there tonight. I wanted to see them so badly, but I couldn’t go because my parents couldn’t drive. I also went to Halloween Express to sign up for a job but you have to be 16. This year has sucked so far, next year will be awesome. I’ll donate blood and get a job at halloween express.

Muchas lenguas

Maldita sea hoy una mierda tan malo! Mi profesora de español es maldito loco, y yo tenía que escribir un párrafo completo en español para hacer la tarea, traducir google no me ayudó mucho.Me falta Huesos y Fringe! ¡Maldita sea! Tá gach duine den sórt sin fraochÚn. clase de español apesta, y yo soy apenas aprenden nada. No puedo creer que tenemos que escribir un párrafo completo en español! Es para mañana! Palabras saber: este queso es moho! ¿Dónde están las prostitutas! Todos los de Pringles! Zi, ju lutem. “Bạn muốn chơi banjo tâm-điên Trên USA Ragtime druggy-kéo?. Trong Parkland Junkiedom Hey Quốc tế Hoa Kỳ! Trường hợp chứng minh procaine groove rock man tinh khiết nhất và thuốc chuột.” -Joe Strummer