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Last blog post…

Some of you may or may not have known this but I’ve blogged for 365 consecutive days! This is also my 700th post.  I opened this blog on September 2nd 2009,  I’ve blogged everyday since October 20th 2009. I’m keeping this site up for reference purposes and for sentimental reasons, but I’m opening a new blog, it’ll be a while before it’s all ready, but it’s a new project. This is post Number 700!

Thanks everyone for checking out my blog, HAPPY HALLOWEEN.


385 posts as of now.

This is my 385th post! I’ve had 384 posts so far, and 1 post everyday since Oct.20th! I hope to have 500 before graduation. I’ve had posts about music, movies, games, and school!

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Trading finished: about Head East and British Albums (Trades continued)

I have decided that I’m done trading, I do not wish to trade away the vinyls or the vinyl album holder/case/cabinet thing; I’m satisfied with my trades here. The Head East album is great, the reason I wanted it was mainly because I’ve seen them put on a concert twice already and I loved their music, one of what I thought had been one of their best songs was, “Never Been Any Reason.” At the concert they’d referred to it as the, “Rock ‘n’ Roll national anthem,” it was by far their most well-known song. I guess they were kind of hippies.

The British album is really awesome, like I said about 40 songs are on 2 records, it’s called, “British Sterling,” but the word sterling wouldn’t fit on camera.

hardcore pix 062

Some songs on their are performed by bands like: The Beatles, Freddy and the Dreamers, The Zombies, Gary Puckett and many more. Honestly it’s like the widest range of 60’s songs you probably haven’t heard unless your from the 60’s; even then you might not have heard them. What I mean is everyone knows The Beatles, but have you heard the song, “My Bonnie?” It was written and performed by the Beatles. I’m very satisfied with my trade and do not wish to trade anymore, but it will always be a question as to why my dad wanted another stereo.

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A new trade… finale trade(s)??? Trades

I’m not sure if you can stop trading at a certain point… but I got what I wanted and I have no interest in trading any further. It began yesterday; my dad traded his broken stereo to my brother, Chad. The stereo was broken the cassette and CD player hadn’t been able to play so my dad gave it to Chad for the radio which worked perfect. However Chad traded it to me, Chad already had many radios and had no use for it, he got a level 74 runescape account which is well worth the trade. My parents agreed it was fair and at that point I had a stereo, just to be sure I tried the CD player, and guess what… it worked!!! At that point my dad was shocked, he got a new stereo and then the old one works, we still had to many stereos to even have current use for it but for whatever reason, he wanted it. I told him, ” Dad, I need it, unless you want to make a trade it’s rightfully mine.” He still wanted it but wouldn’t make an offer, I decide that on monday I’m going to bring the stereo in and see who want’s it, but then my dad said he would trade 3 albums and an album cabinet-type thing, (it holds around 50 albums) for the stereo… I never understood his interest in the stereo, but I made the trade and I got more than what I wanted. He gave me 3 albums of my choosing, I took his album, “Flat as a Pancake,” (Head East) and he also let me take an album with two records that we counted as two albums titled, “British Sterling,” which had about 40 songs from british bands. I’m very satisfied with my trades and would like to end my trades here. The trades were succesful because, I got my albums and an album holder, my brother got a runescape high level account, my friend whose name is left anonymous got a purple pen, and Andrew got a paper clip/lock pick; while my dad got his crappy stereo that doesn’t even play cassettes, only CD’s. Some trades I made may have been small, I may not have gotten a hugely expensive item but I got what I wanted… and who know’s, old stuff does go up in value.

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hardcore pix 060hardcore pix 061hardcore pix 062

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A trade: a pen for a password.

Today I made a trade with an anonymous 8th grader for a password to an account on a website called Runescape. The account is a high level so I expect a nice trade in return. I beleive this trade had been made because he didn’t mind giving away a password, because he can still use it, he got a pen and because I found a password to an account useful; the owner also hadn’t used it much so he hadn’t really cared too much of what happens to it. The password cannot be changed because of recovery questions set by the original owner. I hope to get a very good trade from this. It’s cool, I might be getting a really cool stereo from my brother as a trade… if you have a better offer you can ty, however if you want a stereo you can try for that one as well…. if I get a stereo.

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A trade for a pen…

I have a purple pen I need a new trade, currently I need something such as, headphones, a game, a CD, a VHS tape, a key drive (even if it’s full); just about anything really, my brother and I are trying to make a trade but he’s not changing his mind for the pen. If you have something I’d be glad to attempt a trade. It’s a very nice pen, it’s purple, great writing, has a grip, and is see-through.

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A paperclip for a Purple Pen.

Within 1 minute I managed to trade a paper clip for a purple pen. This trade was made when I attempted to sell a paper clip as a multi-use paper clip/lock pick. Andrew S. of room 205 as well, noticed my attempt to sell it, and accepted the trade before anyone even had a chance. Andrew is now the official proud owner of a silver paper clip. Hopefully this magnificent trade will lead up to a vinyl album, if I can go higher I just might. The trade was either made because liked the way I fraised it, if I’d have said a paper clip, no one would trade; but when it’s a “Genuine multi-use ‘lock pick’,” that’s was what sold it. I made the trade because a paper clip wouldn’t trade for a notebook or something, however a nice pen would have a chance. It’s obvious the pen is better, unless someone has use for a paper clip and not a pen.

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