Today I got my Reservoir Dogs t-shirt! It’s cool…

Nothing else to blog about really.

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Seriously, if anyone ever goes to South Milwaukee, make sure you don’t get Mrs. McCormick for Spanish.

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I’m very disappointed that it’s 2010 and we still don’t have wireless headphones ! It’s so simple to do, but yet we all have to spend 10 minutes of our time untangling 5 feet of wire  daily. This is bullshit!

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TOP 3 Movies

My top 3 movies are as follows:

1. Reservoir Dogs


3. Pulp Fiction

Strange thing I just found out: Harvey Keitel acted in all 3 of those movies.

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Yesterday was the Party at Airport park, set up by Cody Duffy. However, nobody showed up except Me and Raymond, not even Cody himself!  Alex was apparently leaving a bit later or something, but still. It was the perfect day, and the 156 people who said they we’re going, only 2 showed up. How pathetic. I want a taco.

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RED: Review

I saw RED yesterday, and it was a great movie based on the DC comics 3 book, mini-series. I wouldn’t say better then the Expendables, but it was pretty damn good. Bruce Willis is an ex-CIA operative, and one of the best there was. But as he got older he was tagged RED: Retired.Extremely Dangerous.  And he was forced to retire. But he’s seen too much and someone has placed a hit on him, and all the guys that worked with him (Morgan Freeman, John Malokavich- The perfect amount of crazy). And now he’s dragged Sarah(Mary Louise Parker), into this whole thing, and she’s having some of the most fun she’s had her whole life. Red is a great movie, that will keep you entertained up to the final explosive conclusion.

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A squirrel shit on me on my way up to Jakes house this morning. I’m doing terrible in Graphic Arts class. The new seating chart has me sitting right in front of Danny in Spanish class.


Today was so terrible…