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Damn Chainsaw…

Today while trying to take the chain off the saw so that it’s safe for the movie and the little teeth on the chain that cut through the wood started to cut threw my thumb. It was just really unlucky. I had the chain off but then it snapped back on when my thumb was in the way and cut it. Then I got the chain off but there was some blood on the chainsaw, and it looked really cool. I also finished painting the prosthetic arm prop that sprays blood, and I finished the severed hand. I think we can start filming on Monday!

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Email and Fair

I changed a few things again, but I’m mostly done, the rest is improve. If you want to read it or change things leave your email address in a comment below.

Today was the first day of the Applewood Fair( I think it’s called). I went by it today and they have really cool rides. They always have cool cars and OK music, but their rides usually suck, not this year! They had a tilt a whirl, a Octopus, a Farris Wheel, this thing called the zipper, and a few others! I’m probably going tomorrow.

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Script Finished

I finished the damn thing! I feel like celebrating now….

Untilted Script
Cast pending, parts go according to letter or zombie. The letter will be replaced with their name after roles have been chosen.
-A: Mateo ?
-B: Jacob ?
-C: Alex ?
-D: Sara ?
-E: Ashley ?

Chapter 1 part 2 (into cut from script)
–  A is on the ground and his arm is all bloody. B is holding him down, C sticks him with a syringe and he starts to calm down.  Then B begins to saw his arm off with a hack saw, B begins kicking and blodd is squirting everywhere. The scene fades out and then we see A’s eye, it opens  and the camera focus’s on his face, then it moves over and focus’s on A’s arm, there’s an empty sleeve and A’s just staring at it. He  looks in a mirror, then D steps in and and asks A how he’s doing. The A asks where the others are.

Chapter 1 part 3
– Fades in from black, gunfire. A zombie is running away. B is aiming a hangun from almost a hundred feet away, and then fires at the zombie. Blood squirts from it’s mouth and it falls to the ground. D nd E come running towards her from the other street and see her standing over the body, and ask her if she found anything. D shakes her head. E hears a noise and asks if anyone heard anything and suggests checking a house down the street. Then there’s a scraping noise and B agrees to check the house out. A blank screen D: we havn’t found any survivors in months, what if it’s a trap? What if there aren’t any more survivors?… A door opens and we see them come into the picture. B steps down the stairs and carefully steps over a dead body at the bottom,  E motions that she’s going to check out the rest of the house and D also heads down the stairs. When B and E are out of sight, D looks down on the body, she reaches for a gun she see’s in it’s hand, but it’s grabs her hand and is now sitting up. She turns to her right and  a zombie is blocking her way, and up the stairs their are also 2 zombies. Then B and E hear gunfire and they each run to the stairs, but nobody’s there. They head outside walk around a bit and then they see someone that looks like D head down the street, they follow.

Chapter 1 part 4
– A and C are just sitting there and there’s a loud noise, and they both hear it. C tells A that it’s probably just the others, but he grabs a knife. As he’s looking around outside he see’s that the garbage fell over, he sets the knife down,(the camera focus’s on someones feet as they walk slowly), he lifts it up, (we see a bloody hand pick up the knife), he turns around and he’s stabbed, then the camera focus’s on the face, and it’s D. A sit’s up and grabs the handgun at the side of his chair, he moves over towards the back of the garage, (we see the camera following quickly behind A, -the perspective of the zombie) and he’s knocked down. A zombie is on top of him, but the gun is just out of reach, then we hear a gun shot just as the zombie goes to take a bite out of A, and zombie falls over. A gets up and see’s B standing over him with a gun. They get up and begin their way across the electrical feild (the one with the electrical tower thingy’s). Then a bunch of zombies chase after them, from the 1st person perspective of the zombies.

Chapter 1 part 5
– One of them jumps on A and begins stabbing him with a knife. E: Shoot them! B: I can’t! Run! They continue running. and run into the woods to loose the zombies. After they feel safe enough to stop running they sit down to rest for a little while. Then they hear a chainsaw… They each look back simultaniously and see a zombie standing behind them with a chainsaw. They immediatly begin to run from him, and he follow’s closely behind. E shouts at B, telling him to run, B is getting tired and the zombie is cathcing up. E makes it up into a tree and yells at him to get up there, but when he’s almost there he trips on a root. He puts his arm out to stop the chainsaw from slicing him in half, but his hand is severed just above the wrist.  He makes it to his feet and runs for the tree, he’s now grabbing onto his arm, which is bleeding everywhere. He puts out his bloody hand and jumps but he slips, he turns around and puts his back up against the tree, his eyes are now wide open in panic and the zombie raises the chainsaw high above his head—
—Alternate: He reaches for E’s hand and then blood explodes, and B’s eye’s open wide, but E grabs on to his hand with both hands now, but he slips and collapses, his back against the tree. The zombie raises the chainsaw high above his head.

The zombie brings the chainsaw down, E: NO!! Blood explodes all over the zombie, the tree, everything.  The zombie begins to walk away, but E shoots him 3 times. 1st person view of zombie: moving towards E, comes up behind her, she turns around. 3rd person of zombies:  a bunch of them crowd up around her and start “eating” her. and one zombie pulls away a bloody hand, another one pulls out her intestine. The finale shot is of her dead head with blood all over it.

(?)Credits song: We Die Young By Alice in Chains

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I can’t think of a name! Any ideas? I finished the script, I’m just typing into a document to give to everyone and I can’t think of a name!  the setting is in December 31 1999, and in mid-August of 2000 (this chapter of the movie is at least). It’s like an alternate time-line, like if the end of the world began in 1999 (like a war that would end the world), and there’s zombies.

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Airport Park, Directx and Doom 3 System Errors.

Today I fixed the whole C:/ drive and found out the problem was that somehow directx was removed from the system, someone(chad) must have deleted it! I had to do a system recovery back 2 months ago when it was apparently removed, and therefore all my files since then have been removed because I couldn’t find an active working download… just patches and Beta’s. Then here’s where things go to hell: I re-downloaded The Ultimate Doom (’95 classic) and downloaded the mod for 3 and then installed doom 3, and the damn thing doesn’t work. There’s an openGL error now.  I remember this error sequence from the last time I played the game a year ago, but I forgot to fix it so now it seems like I’m screwed. Anyway After that shit, I went to Airport Park. It was really fun, Ashley, Sara, Jacob, and Steven(and his sister’s Sarah and Caitlin)were there. Then eventually Ashley left, and then Steven’s crazy sister, Sarah,  attacked me. I really hope tomorrow is better than today was.

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Doom 3

Doom 3 is such a fun game! I actually love all the Doom and ID software/John Carmack games (ex. Quake, Duke Nukem, etc.) In 6th grade Mr. B had me do a report on my favorite inventor and I even chose John Carmack. He’s basically responsible for much of the success with mac computers and video gaming and engineering now. If he hadn’t designed Doom and 3d first person shooters we’d most likely be playing Donkey Kong 1o by now.  Anyway, it amazed me when doom 3 came out because, if you didn’t know, doom was a really low detail shooter(but in the 80’s and 90’s it was actually really high detail for it’s time). Now Doom is made up of thousands of pixels and incredibly high resolution/process rate. It does however require a lot more space, and a much larger hard drive.  The online is still fun, people still go on, but if you don’t download the multiplayer mods and co-op missions/deathmatches, odds are you’ll be waiting for a really long time… hell the next doom 4 might be out by the time somebody’d come through your server. I’m working on a video that compares the game play, to give you an idea of the graphics I’ve downloaded the classic map into the doom 3 graphics engine so doom 3 will have the same rooms and enemy locations, and the only differences are graphics, gameplay, enemies, and weapons(and lighting…. definitely lighting).

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Adicts contest Ends: Tomorrow!

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